Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 25 - 30/30 Challenge - Workshop w/Robert Kogge part 2

Here's what I did with my day. 

I started the larger version of Monhegan Keeper's Quarters late on Saturday and worked on it all day today – building the color and getting the structure right. Only at the end of the day did I start applying the ink washes.

I really love how you can simultaneously work on the smallest of details with the colored pencil and yet retain the soft focus created by the texture of the canvas. 
There's a lot more work to do on it! 
I'm looking forward to finishing it and entering it in The Art Guild’s next exhibit - 
Home on the Range – Landscapes we love.

This technique, colored pencil and ink on canvas, was developed by Robert Kogge, an artist from New Jersey. I first took his class at the Art Student League a few years ago. If you can't get to New York to take the class, you find it online at Craftsy.