Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paintings Make Great Gifts! Part 4

I thought I'd highlight some paintings from Maine, Upstate New York and Rhode Island that are in my Etsy shop. These are smalls, most 6"x6" and all are under $50. Some are watercolor, some are pastel, some were painted plein air and some while not actually painted plein air, were painted from photos I took in in my travels.
I've included the links to the Etsy shop directly, as well as the original blog post about the painting.
They all come in an archival acid free clear plastic sleeve
They look fabulous matted and framed, but I will leave that you and your decor.
Thanks for looking!

This is one of the small out buildings at Pt Judith, Rhode Island.

We had a fun weekend in upstate New York – this barn was seen along the way.

Painted from the window of my hotel. It rained and rained and rained.


Lobster Boat in New Harbor, Maine.

Somewhere in Maine

Beacon, NY