Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 3 – 30/30 Challenge, Round 4. Orient Lighthouse

So as promised – not a finished painting. I've been at work on this painting of a sunset at Orient Lighthouse (Coffee Pot) for a couple of days. I had a smaller version of this from another 30/30 Challenge, but fortunately it sold! So, because I'm trying to round-out some paintings for the November solo show, I decided to to a larger, more substantial one.

This is about 12" w x 10" h on a really nice black paper I bought several years ago and I can't remember what it is - maybe Strathmore? I don't recall if it's specifically a pastel paper, but it holds the pastel very nicely and can tolerate some wetting.

Though many of these paintings won't be for sale right away, I'd like to direct you to my Etsy page where I'm having a little sale. Please consider purchasing a painting because, a. Christmas is coming, and these little 6x6s really make nice gifts, and/or b. the mermaid needs to buy some picture frames for the big solo show and selling a couple of these little guys would be a BIG help!

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