Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 16 - 30/30 Challenge - Potting Shed

Potting shed, watercolor & pitt pen, in my sketchbook

I missed a few days - But honestly I had a good excuse! I was PAINTING at The Art Guild. Not Leslie Saeta-worthy painting. Nothing to post. Nothing anyone will ooh and aaahh over. Nothing Pinterest worthy. Just bookshelves and a kitchen, lots of painting at the Art Guild. Because we are cleaning up and sprucing up and getting ready to hang a show and open our doors once again! HURRAY!
(If you are in the area, please stop down for the OPENING! Sunday September 21 from 3-6 pm!)

That said, I was going to try and scramble to make up for lost days, but I realized, that's just too crazy right now. So I'll just pick up somewhere and move forward. This is a sketch/watercolor of a sweet little potting shed over at Martin Viette Nurseries in East Norwich. It's a lovely place. Pretty little nooks and crannies and best of all, they love when people come to draw or paint. (And they're getting dressed up for Fall now, tractors (see previous post), pumpkins, corn maze, mums – love the fall colors!) The Art Guild paints there once a month on Tuesday morning, and starting in November we'll be painting indoors!

Though many of these paintings won't be for sale right away, I'd like to direct you to my Etsy page where I'm having a little sale. Please consider purchasing a painting because, a. Christmas is coming, and these little 6x6s really make nice gifts, and/or b. the mermaid needs to buy some picture frames for the big solo show and selling a couple of these little guys would be a BIG help!

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