Sunday, March 16, 2014

First Plein Air of 2014 - Fire Island Lighthouse

A Trip to the Lighthouse and the Ocean
Saturday was (finally) a beautiful day. I had heard that the [Fire Island National Seashore’s] boardwalk to the Fire Island Lighthouse had finally been rebuilt and was open for walking! I packed up some painting and drawing supplies (tried to keep it light) and off I went.

I'm always so happy when I cross the Causeway
This post Sandy landscape always freaks me out.

Pretty new boardwalk on National Seashore property. 
(Looks like recycled plastic. Really beautiful and clean.)

YAY! Walking up to the lighthouse and the lens building.
This is the boathouse behind the lighthouse on the bay side. 
I love this composition, but standing here on the boardwalk is awkward and blocks the path for people. So, I'll take the reference shot and move on.

Cool stuff on the bay beach. I love old rusty stuff like this. Looks like a big winch. 
I wonder what its story is?

I came back up and found that I could sit in this spot, on the edge of the boardwalk, out of the way.
(In my sketchbook, NFS)

Then I walked down the beach almost to Kismet. It was windy, and a little cold, but not terribly uncomfortable. I did think that the barefoot people with their feet in the ocean were pushing the envelope, but we really need some spring around here!
This is a really creepy photo for me. Hurricane Sandy stripped away all the dunes, scrub pines and other vegetation. This used to be a dune...not flat as you see it here. You could see the lighthouse and the roof of the keeper's quarters, but not the whole building.

Sand carved by the wind.

That huge dune, sticking out all by itself, is all that's left of the primary dune line in this (approx 1 mile+) section. (Looking west.) 
Walking back along the Burma Road.
I have to go back to the lighthouse. It is my favorite place.

I really enjoy the colors and the graphic-ness of the building, sky and surrounding area.

My happy place. I could sit on this bench all day and watch the sky go by.

Drawn on-site and painted at home from memory.
(In my sketchbook, NFS)

And I was entertained by this little whirlwind of purple and red racing 'round and 'round the lighthouse with her father and brother. (Drawn on site and painted at home from memory.)
Bye-bye Lighthouse - See you soon!