Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Year in Review and a NEW 30/30 Challenge

Day 1, January 2014 30/30 Challenge
Hazy Light, Point Judith

Happy New Year! And it was a very Happy Old Year!
It's been very busy and exciting!

Here's a recap:
• I've painted A LOT this year.
Probably more than I ever have before. An artist's “bucket-list” trip to Monhegan Island, Maine, two 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenges, several classes and workshops, have not only netted more paintings, but (I think) improved my skills as an artist. I've met some really wonderful new artists and friends.

• Exhibited in three shows
The Art Guild's Member Show at the Graphic Eye Gallery
Concert of Color at Chelsea Mansion with The Art Guild
Port to Port Show at Bridgeport Arts Council with Port Jefferson Arts Council

I've also sold more paintings than ever!
It's always exciting to sell a painting. It's personal - like sending your child out into the world.
I spend a great deal of time, deciding what to paint and getting it right. Sometimes it's quick and seemingly easy and the birds sing and the sun smiles on you. Sometimes it takes planning and agonizing. Some days you go off in the perfect sunshine to one of your happy places and nothing turns out right. Sometimes you go on that special trip and it rains. And you're there. 500 miles from home and you have to muddle through it. And sometimes a little procrastination can get in the way, or you get bored and creative block creeps up and you have to figure out how to shake it off and move on.
So, given all that, the back story, the process, I always hope that that person loves the painting as much as I do.

Where they went to live:
• Everyone's favorite Blue Truck, North Fork, found a new home with a friend – so I get to visit it from time-to-time. Her husband is in LOVE with it and it has a place of honor in their living room.
Evening, Bayville Bridge was also sold to a friend. She bought it as a gift for the gentleman who owns the marina next to the bridge – a perfect fit!
• Quite a few smaller 6” x 6” paintings from the Challenges sold too. Lighthouses seemed to be popular - both Sunset, Orient Point and Pemaquid Point, Maine were also sold to friends. While Green & Blue Summer Day, Jordon Pond & the Bubbles, Clearing Skies Over Oyster Bay, Monhegan Fog, Blue on Blue Boat, and Buoys at the Lighthouse, Bernard all sold via my Etsy shop.
• Prints and cards were also sold via Fine Art America and Zazzle. I'm looking forward to uploading more images and creating new products.

Painted a beautiful new mermaid for Great South Bay Music Festival 2013 (and I'm working on a new one for 2014).

Painted a ceramic plate pet portrait - It was fun to do this again! I'm looking forward to doing more.

What I'm looking forward to in 2014
• As I just mentioned, painting a new mermaid for 2014's GSBMF and doing more pet portraits.
• January 1 starts the first 30/30 Challenge of 2014. See above!
• I'm looking forward to seeing some interesting museum shows. Peter Max is at Nassau Museum 'til February. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get to Boston to see the Sargeant show I missed in Brooklyn.
• I'm looking forward to (hopefully) helping plan some fun art/painting events at the Art Guild. It will be nice to use our building again!
• I can't wait to get back to Maine. It likely won't be 'till late September. As much as I loved Monhegan, I missed Mt. Desert and my friend Gail.
• Painting, learning, creating, exploring!

I'd like to thank everyone for their support!
I'd like to thank my friends and family, everyone who follows my facebook page, blog and emails, for their love and support. Being an artist is often a solitary affair – so your comments and feedback are always important to me. I am thankful and honored to share my work with you. Please share with your friends, come to shows, and tell me how you feel about my posts.

I wish you all a very Happy 2014!