Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 18 & 19 30/30 Challenge - I hate falling behind!

Four Bottles
watercolor, 6" x 6", $35

French Macaroons
watercolor, 6" x 6", $35

My time was at a premium in Boston. Not a lot of time to spend an hour or two each day to paint. So I took a few shots of simple things in my cousin's apartment to use as subject matter later. (Also, I somehow forgot my watercolor palette. I had watercolor pencils and pens...but it wasn't the same.)

The four little bottles sat on her kitchen window sill. They brighten up even the dreariest of winter days. The beautiful little french macaroons were almost too pretty to eat and came beautifully packaged in a little black gold embossed box. Presentation!

HOWEVER, I did accomplish my goal of seeing the John Singer Sargent exhibit at Boston MFA! And it was magnificent! (More on that later! And I'm going to copy a Sargent as an exercise.) On some level, though I didn't actually paint while there, I think that the immersion in hundreds of works of art by a master, count for something!