Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Post 30/30 Challenge - So What's the Take-Away?

Collage of 25 paintings/drawings from 30/30 Challenge

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for following along, and welcome the new followers to this blog. I hope you've enjoyed my painting journey and what you've read here. I hope you'll stick around and to see what happens in the future! I also hope that you've joined my blog with your email  (so you don't miss a post) and/or joined my email list (MUCH less frequent postings!).

So, what was the point of this exercise? What do I get out of it?
I'm not sure if there is one specific take-away – no big epiphany. For me, there are a bunch of smaller, more subtle things that I've noted:
I think the point of painting or drawing something every day (or at minimum several times a week) is an important way to grow as an artist. It's a commitment - the same way getting in the car and going to work is a commitment. A habit - like brushing your teeth.
It's NOT about creating a masterpiece every time you pick up a pencil or a paint brush or a pastel stick, though it's wonderful when people think they're masterpieces. It's just doing it. It might be as small as a square inch of brush strokes you love, or discovering a new paper, or as big as a composition that makes your heart sing when you look at it.
It's about problem solving and editing. Sometimes, it's as much about the planning as it is about the spontaneity.
It's discovering your limits in the moment AND that there are no limits in the big picture (pun intended!).

If you are interested in purchasing paintings from this or the previous challenge, most of the postings here have a link to my Etsy shop. If there's something that you've seen either here, in person or on my FB page, that doesn't have a link or a price, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for following along!
There's more to come!