Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 4 - 30/30 Challenge and Last Day on Monhegan

The Wreck of the DT Sheridan
6" x 7", watercolor $45

Unfortunately it was a very humid/foggy day on Tuesday. So off for a hike to see what there is to see and gather photos for future paintings.

To give you an idea about where I hiked, here is the official Monhegan Trail Guide. I started at the Burnt Head Trail that heads right out behind my hotel.
Looking back toward town, up Horn Hill Road. 
You can just see MaƱana Island peaking out above the fog.

Burnt Head Trail.

Pretty spider web.
Burnt Head looking south.

Burnt Head looking north.

Well, it's now Wednesday, my last morning here and of course the sky is clear. I can see the mainland and the other islands! Right now, I want to get packed, get in a quick final walk, take some pix (with the sun out - shocking!) and get some breakfast.  I'll be posting more about my trip tomorrow and in the coming week.