Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 3 - 30/30 Challenge and more from Monhegan

Monhegan Light, watercolor, 6" x 6", $65

I'm writing this while waiting for the rain to subside on Monday. This little painting is the view from my room at Monhegan House. It was tricky to do only because the fog would roll through and then clear.

Sunday, after I arrived I hiked to White Head, which is BREATHTAKING, I did a quick little sketch.

After the hike, I passed through the village and came upon a charity auction for the Monhegan Island Sustainable Community Association (MISCA). (Their mission is to buy residential housing on Monhegan and sell it at far below market rate, to people wishing to live and work there.)
There were so many lovely paintings! There was wine and cheese and nibbly things, some nice music. There were lots of people - most of whom knew one another. It was nice to see a little village come out and raise some money for a good cause. It looked like a fun evening.

Then, dinner in the restaurant. YUM! A lobster gnocchi to die for and a delightful little strawberry shortcake for dessert. As bonus a HUGE thunderstorm in the middle of the night! What a light show! It probably lasted two hours (!!!)

Early Monday morning, I took a quick hike to Lobster Cove and the  D. T. Sheridan Tug Boat, wrecked in Lobster Cove in 1948. Though I wish it were sunny. It is such a breathtaking place! (Do you sense a theme here?)

No wonder Rockwell Kent built his home here. I am drenched by the time I get back. So, I dry out, and work on the painting above.
Rockwell Kent house at Lobster Cove. Now owned by Jamie Wyeth.

The fog and rain come and go, so at  1:30 pm, I'm still waiting for the "promised" window-of-opportunity, but it's still raining. Despite that, I think it's time to walk around a bit more...maybe a walk up to the Lighthouse Museum or the brewing company...
Off I go to the Lighthouse. The museum is open and I get a chance to look around for a long time. They even had to kick me out!

Mary Townsend Mason

Edward Willis Redfield

The US Government commissioned Currier and Ives to design and print memorial plaques for soldiers killed in the Civil War. This is the one for the lighthouse keeper's son.

Children's books written by people who lived on Monhegan.

There are lots of antiques and photos of not just the lighthouse and its keepers, but of what life was like on a tiny little island for the last several hundred years(!).

Let's hope Tuesday brings somewhat better weather. Weather.com swears it's not raining here right now at 10:30 pm, but I can assure you that's wrong.

PS - Tuesday - 7:35 am. Socked in fog. :-(
It's near impossible to paint in watercolors in rain or 100% humidity! Have to make the best of it!