Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 28 (aka Painting 23) - In Which I'll Start Counting Backwards to Fullfill The Challenge!

Autumn Peaking Through
10.25" x 10.25", Watercolor
Soon to be in my Etsy Shop - In the meantime, please contact me 
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Saturday, I made it to Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay for a lovely day of painting with a group via Annie Shaver-Cranston.
I met some nice people, including a lovely woman named Susan who also knew some wonderful places to paint all around Long Island! It was so funny to find out that we had many of the same places in common - Bayard Cutting Arboretum and Caumsett State Park, and we shared some new places with each other - I told her about Uplands Farm and she said that the gardens at Farmingdale College were fabulous!
We chatted like old friends and I hope to meet up with her again for walking or painting!

This is the second painting of the day, looking north from the Maple Field area south of the playhouse and lilac and rose paths. The fall colors are juuust starting to peak through.

The lindens are getting greeny-gold and the Norway maples are starting their signature blazing red-orange. I look forward to getting back over there in another week or so.
In the final, I closed up a lot of those white spots (too distracting), made the dark area darker and cropped - the middle sliver of blue and the dark areas under the trees are what I liked best. Hmm, maybe I made the lindens too orangey....

Ok, off to enjoy the day - not many more left to sit at the beach or by the shore with out freezing!  Maybe I'll do another painting!