Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 20/21 - 30/30 Challenge - I for Incomplete & Workshop Painting


So, here I am, indoors, at my desk, (with a half cup of gone-cold coffee) working on a project for a client and the sun is shining and summer is slipping away! Not only do I need to get my vitamin D for the day, but I have to (need to) do my painting for the day! What to do? I sketched out a little pitcher I have and ... oops got busy again. And, that's as far as I got.


Pastel Workshop with Doug Dawson. We start out at the Nassau County Museum, but it started to rain! :-(
Back to Elderfields we went to work indoors.
I worked on one painting - that I won't count as my painting for today because Doug sort of worked on it a bit. I get credit for 3/4. It's from the Monhegan trip, on Horn Hill Road, heading out to the Burnt Head trail.

However I did start on a second one and came fairly close to finishing it. I think it's pretty interesting. (From the same hike - at the Ledges.)

A few things I learned - work dark to light (opposite of pastel - that'll mess me up!) and work large shapes to small, unify your strokes, if you blend too much with your finger or something else, then you've committed to that color, and that though Canson feels you should use the textured side of the paper, you really don't have to - many people prefer the smoother side.
I find it very interesting watching him work - starting out with color 180° opposite from the original and use that complimentary color to make a vibrant painting.

Then I went to Blick and bought more Unison Pastels for $1.69 (Reg $4.99). It was so fun. It's like being in a candy shop.

And when I got home, his book was waiting for me on the doorstep!