Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 16 - 30/30 Challenge - Life is a Bowl of Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes in a Blue Enamel Bowl
6" x 6", watercolor, $35

Day 16 and I need to take it a little easy on myself in terms of subject matter. I've got a busy week and I know that I'll be spending most of the week trying to keep up. 

I love these shiny red cherry tomatoes in the blue enamel bowl. 

I wasn't terribly diligent with my garden this year - got started too late, then July was an inferno. I didn't plant cucumbers or cayenne peppers or radishes or beans like I usually to and I didn't pay enough attention to my tomatoes - which are my favorite part. Every couple of days though, I did manage to collect a few handfuls, and they are ALWAYS sweeter and tastier than anything in a grocery store!