Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 12 - 30/30 Challenge - Gourmet Frozen Apple Cider

Gourmet Frozen Apple Cider
6" x 6", watercolor, $45

I need a short break from Monhegan, so here's a scene from the Hopkinton State Fair in New Hampshire. There were lots of things to see! Lots of cows and sheep and goats. Baby piggies, 4-H projects of all kinds - from raising rabbits & chickens to training dogs. We missed most of the equestrian categories but we watched the oxen/cattle pulling competition and a little of the dog jumping competition.
There was also tons of food! Gianourmous turkey legs, bacon on a stick, all sorts of bbq & pulled pork, lobster rolls, fried oreos, Frozen (Gourmet) Apple Cider, ice-cream and lots more.

It was a really fun day! Thanks Bob & Lisa! I always have a great time on our adventures!