Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 10 - 30/30 Challenge - Shed on the Edge of The Marsh

Shed, Edge of the Marsh, Monhegan
6" x 6", watercolor, $45

As you can see, I changed the colors of the kayaks from this reference shot. I love the golds and greens of the marsh as fall approaches and the fog adds a softness to the landscape. I like that the owner of the little grey brown shed added a bit of whimsy with the smiley fish plaque on the door.

Ice Pond supplied the island with ice. The ice was cut, stored and used all summer.

Grey dreary skies dominated my stay on Monhegan. It was impossible to paint outside using watercolor. I noticed that not even the bravest of oil painters tried. Heck, it was hard to paint INSIDE with 100% humidity! (See Day 3. That was torture! It simply would not dry!)

Beautiful spot overlooking a cove, just north of Ice Pond.

So, when your painting trip turns out to be a hiking and relaxing trip, you gather info, take pictures, visit the (few) shops and galleries, and imagine - as hard as you can - that the sun might come out!

Pretty overlook, at the corner of someone's yard, just up the trail, past Ice Pond

This is a road on Monhegan. Heading north.