Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3 30/30 Marketing Your Art Challenge

Good morning all!
Today's Challenge was to get 20 new names on your emailing list.

Luckily, I signed up for MailChimp a couple of weeks ago. I put the app on my Facebook page and figured out how to put it here on this blog (just off to your right).
After posting a nice little reminder to people on FB to sign up (both business & personal accounts), I composed a little email with a link (provided by MailChimp) and sent it to a couple dozen people I have emails for and think will be interested in getting updates.
So assignment done! Yay!

Note: As of May 4 I have 22 people on my mailing list! Yay! Please sign up via the box at right. Thank you!

So after all that work, I'll share some sketches I did yesterday at Cedarmere in Roslyn, NY. It was the home of poet William Cullen Bryant, and though it's sort of rough around the edges right now, hopefully work is going forward to repair and restore it. Last year a lot of effort was put into what I believe was a Mill.

This is looking west across the little pond. That's the mill building and Hempstead Harbor beyond.

This is sketched from down the hill standing next to the building. I got very caught up in the ornate woodwork along the eaves and roofline. This spot looks southwest with Hempstead Harbor in the mid-ground and Roslyn at the treeline.

Have a great day!